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Raffiq Rajabali

With more than thirteen years of management consulting with the ‘Big Five’, Raffiq is highly skilled in project management, supply chain process optimization and quality review. Raffiq understands the complexities of business and the need for speed. He is an advocate for business strategy as he works with management and their teams to implement smooth processes to better meet customer needs. He has an excellent track record in implementing and/or upgrading complex SAP enterprise projects. He is also a leader in the project quality review process.

Raffiq is committed to the professional development of your team and is frequently tapped to mentor high potential leaders in our client organizations.

Raffiq has over 18 years of information technology experience. His function areas of expertise include supply chain, advanced planning, procurement, warehouse management and inventory management. Specialties include: Project Management, PMO Services, SAP ERP, Supply Chain, Business Process Optimization, Team Management and Quality Assurance