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Change Management

TSG’s deep skill and experience in Change Management is our hallmark.

All TSG led projects include our proven change management approach, ChangeFrame™, which has been refined and tested on multiple global projects ranging in size from 200 to 14,000 employees. We also provide change management execution and training for your team as part of our larger engagements or as a stand-alone service to enable the success of your ongoing projects.

ChangeFrame™ emphasizes the seamless integration of Change and Project Management. We provide motivational enablers driven by business leaders and key stakeholders, measures and metrics tied to business objectives and consistent messaging and feedback that maximizes existing company communication channels.  For Change Management to be effective, it must be deeply integrated with project delivery.

The business costs of failing to invest in Change Management is well documented. Some argue that failure in this area is the single greatest cause of business failure and lost value. TSG’s Change Management requirements significantly reduce resource constraints, prevent cross-functional and cross-region infighting, reduce schedule slips, manage scope creep and ensure the realization of planned benefits.


  • Achievement of Business Value
  • Accelerated Time to Benefits
  • Sustained Process and Tools Adoption
  • Effective, Right Sized Training Approach
  • Improved Ongoing Project Management Capability
  • Improved Ability to Anticipate Resource Requirements and Budgets
  • Cost Containment
  • Leadership Skill Development