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Client Comments

“Barbara’s role was critical with regard to risk mitigation on our global product data standardization project. We were in a high-risk situation with serious vendor and internal performance problems when she joined our team. She immediately provided the direction, mediation and people that helped us clarify roles, make a plan and move forward with accountability.

Barbara’s approach to her work goes above and beyond typical consulting support. She inspires creativity in our team and makes you believe in yourself even when times are darkest. She provides the belief, the approach, the methods and the tools in a way that convinces your team that the project challenges can be met. Barbara is persistent and she is usually right. Barbara and her team are credible because they provide many logical alternatives and then convince you to move in the right direction. They explain the big picture, how the small pieces fit and the logic of why the suggested guidance is correct.

No one in our company was experienced with this type of complex global project. Barbara and her team brought that experience. They were able to quickly gain the trust of our stakeholders in three countries with very different cultures and business approaches. They recognized immediately that our vendor was under-performing. They provided us with benchmarks and examples of how the vendor was missing the mark on our project. They were not afraid to push back on our vendors and even, when appropriate, on our internal stakeholders.”

They were great at finding the right approach for our unique situations. TSG does not do one size fits all consulting. They take best practices and work hard to tailor them to the situation. As a result, we now have project management methods that really fit our people and our business. I would use Barbara and her team on any complex project, especially any project that requires global team integration.”

Petr Strelec – Director Product Engineering, FEI Company

“Barbara is the best consultant I have seen in my career. She can find the appropriate way to manage through all kinds of problems. She found the bridge to our leadership to get them to help us when we needed it. She and her team helped me by providing useful approaches that enabled me to step away from babysitting individual team members and establish effective project management routines. This made us more efficient and led to faster execution, better quality and lower stress for everyone.”

Martina Strelcova – Project Manager, FEI Company

“I highly recommend TSG to deliver major benefits to complex transformational programmes within a short period of time. On a major programme in the UK, Barbara managed to very quickly gain credibility including senior client executives and had the tenacity and style to communicate very clearly a set of smart and pragmatic recommendations to support the overall programme. I would very much look forward to working with Barbara and TSG in the future. ”

Christian Ingram – Director, Amdocs

“Barbara is in tune with the needs of our company. She has crafted a world class program that drives the multitude of process and technology changes in our global enterprise. Her professionalism, her program management skills and her communication style have endeared her to our people from the shop floor to the Vice Presidents of our company. She is our recognized expert on organizational change. Her unique combination of intelligence, problem solving, quick cognitive processing, and business acumen keet our global senior executive team engaged and participating. Barbara remains steady and consistent in our highly challenging business environment. It is a pleasure to have Barbara support my program. She is a major reason behind the successes that we have achieved to date.”

Brian Pierson – Managing Director, Applied Materials

“TSG has the skill and experience to help executives achieve their goals by developing strategies and plans, designing programs that work, turning skeptics into trusted confidants and providing clear road maps for all parties. I would recommend TSG to anyone serious about achieving change in a global or highly complex environment.”

Steven Kirz – Principal, Pace Harmon

“Before this project I had a rather low opinion of consultants . My past experiences had not been very productive or pleasant. I was impressed with Barbara. I can honestly say that given the challenges we faced, this project would not have achieved the success it has without her as my partner. My experience with leading a change team was exactly zero. Barbara proceeded to give me a brief class on Change Management. I was unconvinced that all of what she was showing me would be applicable to our business and the global ERP implementation we were undertaking. I could not have been more wrong. Everything that Barbara had shown me those many months ago has come to fruition exactly as she told me they would. She has been my steadying rock to lean on when needed, my sounding board to vent to, the calming influence when things got hectic and frustrating, a wealth of knowledge about a subject that was very new to me and most of all a partner in heading up this team. She has not been just a consultant; she is my management partner for this entire project. I am, as are most managers, especially engineers, a controlling individual so for me to consider Barbara a partner in “my” project indicates a very high level of trust in her ability. Her ability to work under pressure, stay calm and keep the team focused has turned what could have been a very unpleasant experience into something very interesting to do. In my opinion Barbara’s strongest point is her ability to communicate to anyone, no matter who they are. Her presentation skills are impressive and she has the ability to grab an audience’s attention and hold it no matter how dry the subject may be. I can honestly say that given the challenges we faced, this project would not have achieved the success it has without her as my partner.”

Michael K. Hollahan – Lockheed Martin Commercial Space Systems Director – ERP Project Leader

“Barbara was responsible for the change management of a global, highly complex SAP / ERP implementation. Her expertise and experience helped form a strong bond with project and company leadership, as well as created a clear path forward for the implementation, The project result has been very successful.”

Rob Hills, Partner , Deloitte

“I was fortunate to work for Barbara on a large complex technology implementation relatively early in my professional career. At that time I didn’t completely grasp the power of truly effective, business focused and data driven change management. Barbara changed that for me as she tackled project challenges with unique perspectives, thoughtful coaching, and top notch leadership. I learned the power of change management from Barbara and incorporating those learnings has enabled my success on many future projects. Barbara is very consistent and I know that she can do that for you.”

David Mendlowitz – Strategy & Technology Management Consultant , Deloitte

Barbara is an amazing consultant and mentor. She is a consummate professional who brings strategic thinking and creative solutions to organizations going through major changes. Barbara always has the client’s best interest in mind. One of Barbara’s top strengths is as a professional advisor. She has clear, logical thinking about situations and people and can cut through the noise to deliver smart options and recommendations.. I highly recommend Barbara!”

PJ Chan Human Capital Manager and Coach , Deloitte