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Strategic Plans

Strategic Plans Most plans fail because they are not implemented. And they are not implemented because they lack necessary clarity, buy-in, budget, commitment and monitoring. Our strategic plan is much more than a simple planning process. It is an online framework, coupled with a simple process for continuously moving your business to the next level of discipline in thinking,communication, decision making, execution and accountability.

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Change Management

TSG’s deep skill and experience in Change Management is our hallmark. All TSG led projects include our proven change management approach, ChangeFrame™, which has been refined and tested on multiple global projects ranging in size from 200 to 14,000 employees. We also provide change management execution and training for your team as part of our larger engagements or as a stand-alone service to enable the success of your ongoing projects.

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PMO Delivery

Is your PMO delivering full business benefits? A Program Management Office (PMO) provides an internal structure, processes and tools for managing your full portfolio of company projects, yet it’s true purpose is to accelerate and extend delivery on your business strategy. TSG works with your team to shift the PMO focus from methodology and tools to delivering measurable business results.

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Project Management

TSG provides experienced Project Management professionals to partner with and support your leaders of large-scale business initiatives. Our certified practitioners guide your team to deliver highest quality business benefits on-time and on-budget. We tailor our flexible project management approaches to fit your people and your business. We teach your team best practice project management methodology.

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Systems Implementation

Enterprise System Selection and Implementation When you envision exponential corporate growth, it is time to consider integrated systems and processes. Benefits of ERP, CRM, and PDM systems include: Optimizing wasteful IT infrastructures. Supporting product and service data accuracy and availability. Accelerating cycle time through business process transformation.

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New Product Introduction (NPI)

Few decision are more profoundly critical to your business than selecting the right products, features and platform improvements for development. Few business operations challenges are more complex that bringing that portfolio of products to market with as little waste as possible. In early stage NPI, your focus is on product selection and portfolio balancing.

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Our coaching programs boost your human capital value by unleashing individual and team potential. Executive Coaching – For senior company leaders and high potentials. Virtual Coaching – For managers and leaders seeking rapic, real-time support on specific challenges. Group Coaching For leaders and managers with shared development goals.

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