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Executive Coaching

Our coaching programs boost your human capital value by unleashing individual and team potential.

Executive Coaching – For senior company leaders and high potentials. We engage the executive and their supervisor in a focus on prioritizing goals and creating a detailed development plan.

Virtual Coaching – For managers and leaders seeking rapic, real-time support on specific challenges. Our Virtual Coach Online Development Program can be customized to your needs by your TSG coach, or by your own internal team. Virtual Coach also includes a library of resources, virtual tools and book recommendations.

Group Coaching For leaders and managers with shared development goals. Combining the best of executive coaching, training, and team-building, our group coaching supports helps cohort groups of leaders and managers grow together toward a shared goal, build cross-functional bonds, while progressing towards individual goals.

Our programs use proven, known best methods and coaching tools including the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® assessment tool and 360 Assessments.