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New Product Introduction (NPI)

Few decision are more profoundly critical to your business than selecting the right products, features and platform improvements for development. Few business operations challenges are more complex that bringing that portfolio of products to market with as little waste as possible.

In early stage NPI, your focus is on product selection and portfolio balancing. Once the product portfolio is established the focus shifts to coordinating the development and delivery of these products given the challenges of overlapping development cycles, and resource and factory capacity constraints.

Engaging senior leadership in the planning and refinement of your approach to NPI from the “fuzzy front end” to Agile Development or Integrated Development teams, is the first and the most critical step in a successful NPI approach.

When you need to coordinate R&D, manufacturing, marketing, sales and logistics, it is time to call TSG. We understand the natural tension between functions and we work with your team to find the right balance of influences for your business. We have a track record of gaining alignment around business strategy and we are experienced in bringing new products to market in both low volume/high complexity and high volume manufacturing environments.

Whether you are focused on incremental improvements to product features and platforms or driving market making new product introduction, optimizing your people and your decision process may be your greatest challenge. TSG has the experience, the credibility and the nuanced approach to help you meet that challenge.