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PMO Delivery

Is your PMO delivering full business benefits? A Program Management Office (PMO) provides an internal structure, processes and tools for managing your full portfolio of company projects, yet it’s true purpose is to accelerate and extend delivery on your business strategy. TSG works with your team to shift the PMO focus from methodology and tools to delivering measurable business results.

If you are considering a PMO, or your existing PMO is not delivering the expected return on investment, TSG uses our trademark Now-Next-Later approach to quickly assessing whether a PMO is right for your business, what changes are needed to deliver business benefits, and which Maturity Level PMO best fits your unique company needs.

When you are ready to implement or improve, TSG is here to guide you through each phase of PMO development.

Program Management Office Maturity Levels

Level One:

  • Project Portfolio Assessment
  • Identification of Mission Critical and Quick Time to Benefit Projects
  • Feasibility Analysis of Resources Against Projects
  • PMO Development Roadmap

Level Two:

  • Prioritized Project Portfolio
  • PMO Organization
  • Standard Project Management Methodology and Tools
  • Standard Change Management Methodology and Tools
  • Project Management Training Plan

Level Three:

  • Annualized Project Prioritization Process
  • Automated PMO Processes and Tools
  • Project Quality Standards, Measures and Metrics