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Client Spotlight

2011 February 24  – Big Growth in the Nano Market: A Conversation with Don Kania

ACG hosts TSG client Don Kania, CEO at FEI Company A new universe of discovery is taking place at the nano-scale. From smaller, more powerful electronic devices to super-strength materials, from smart drugs to the dream of nano-machines for in-vitro treatments, some of the greatest innovations of the century begin at the nano-scale.  FEI Company is a leader in developing and marketing world-class tools for nano-scale exploration, discovery and production.


2011 February 7 , 8 & 9 – Barbara Shannon Presents at Glovia Customer Event

Yes! You Can Deliver ERP Business Benefits Faster, Better, Cheaper
Business Case – Vendor Selection – Metrics – Change Management
ERP “Must Do’s” to improve operating margin and enable growth